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Hey Roger Goodell…Prepare for W...

Hey Roger Goodell…Prepare for War!

NOTE: this just in as I type this…the NFL has filed a lawsuit ahead of Brady in New York Federal Court to uphold the suspension. That title is an understatement…the NFL’s decision to uphold the four game suspension  is nothing more than a way out for Goodell. The Commish knew all along that Brady has […]

Penguins Making More Moves

Penguins Making More Moves

There has been much speculation about the Penguins making another trade this offseason, after making the Phil Kessel trade with Toronto…Today they moved center, Brandon Sutter and a 2016 third round pick to Vancouver for Forward Nick Bonino, and Defenseman, Adam Clendening, and a 2016 second round pick…   Sutter has a year left on […]

Troy Tulowitzki Traded to Toronto

Troy Tulowitzki Traded to Toronto

(you like how I did the all “T” thing in the Title!) News broke late Monday night that the Colorado Rockies traded star Shortstop, Troy Tulowitzki and reliever LaTroy Hawkins to the Blue Jays for Jose Reyes and a couple minor leaguers…One minor league players that has been named, is Miguel Castro, a 20 year […]

The NFL has a Problem….

The NFL has a Problem….

And it seems like a Black problem…. One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime…That is a sad, true, and frightening fact…And just like all walks of life, the NFL has too many offenders…In the last 15 years, there have been 96 reported cases of domestic violence being committed by NFL players…Of […]

NFL’s most dangerous offenses i...

NFL’s most dangerous offenses in 2015?  Question of the Day 7/28/15

If you were a defensive coordinator in the NFL this season, which three teams offenses would keep you awake at night planning for and why? lists Seattle at #5, New Orleans #4, Dallas #3, Indy #2, and Pittsburgh #1…

I have seen the light! 7/28/15

I have seen the light!  7/28/15

I have seen the light that those courageous few who are so much smarter than the rest of us have been trying to tell us mere mortals and I am now on a mission, though not from God (I won’t blaspheme). I stand before you today Gabbers in the name of all of us to fight the […]

The Tour de France – an America...

The Tour de France – an American Hero!

I get it, the Tour de France and cycling in general generates about zero interest in the sports world, but I believe that going 2000 miles over two mountain ranges and cobblestones and battling the elements is absolutely incredible, a testament to athleticism.  In this year’s edition, there was no real suspense through the entire race, with […]

Rangers Re-sign Stepan

Rangers Re-sign Stepan

Just hours before they were set to have their arbitration hearing, the New York Rangers and restricted free-agent center, Derek Stepan agreed on terms of a 6 year deal…$39 million for six years…$6.5 million…Not a bad agreement since Stepan (25) was heading into the arbitration looking for $7.25 million yearly, and the Rangers were offering […]

Monday Moaning 7-27-15

Monday Moaning   7-27-15

Did you read that fine print? There sure are a lot of pussies out there these days…It doesn’t seem to matter who you are, you better watch what you say, because some one is always looking to be offended…This past week, more dolts got in trouble for stupid shit they said, and while I may […]

Do fans really matter anymore in Prof...

Do fans really matter anymore in Professional Sports?  Question of the Day – 7/27/15

  We’ve danced around the subject so much with our thoughts, but taking EVERYTHING into account, do fans really matter to professional sports anymore?  Do the leagues, owners, and players even care anymore?  Or are we as fans simply an annoying little factor in the bottom line?

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