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OH Thursday

OH Thursday

I just passed by another birthday this past Sunday. It was filled with family and friends stopping by, calling , texting and sending me greetings on face book. I’m guessing well over a hundred folks wished me a happy 63rd birthday. My wife, one of my sons and my daughter took me to my favorite […]

Cole Hamels Traded to Rangers

Cole Hamels Traded to Rangers

One of the biggest names that everyone has been waiting to get traded was Phillies lefty, Cole Hamels (31)…And by doing so, the move would be an “all in” sign of the Phillies doing a total rebuild…And with what the Texas Ranger sent back to Philly in this deal, along with some of the young […]

Should Alex Rodriguez get a pass? Qu...

Should Alex Rodriguez get a pass?  Question of the Day 7/30/15

Alex Rodriguez is hitting .278 with 24 HR and 60 RBI.  But more incredibly has been the almost wall of silence regarding him and his performance.  There has been no reporting of PED testing and/or indications that he’s been tested. Does Rodriguez merit the Comeback Player of the Year?  

The Trade that Wasn’t

The Trade that Wasn’t

The famous line is, “There’s no crying in baseball!” I guess Wilmer Flores didn’t get that memo…Wednesday night, word broke out through social media that Flores and injured pitcher Zach Wheeler were being traded to the Brewers for OF Carlos Gomez…There was even a picture posted on Instagram of Gomez celebrating the trade and saying […]

The Sacramento Kings Could Sneak into...

The Sacramento Kings Could Sneak into the Playoffs

The Sacramento Kings making the playoffs in 2016 in the Western Conference may seem absurd. But please allow me to explain why this is a possibility before you start commenting. As much as the national media likes to tear this team apart and paint the portrait of a dysfunctional family, there is always hope from […]

Great Hockey Blog by Jonathan Quick&#...

Great Hockey Blog by Jonathan Quick…

  This is probably the best article I’ve ever seen on an insider’s view of how the game is played. If you want to understand the best sport on the face of the earth at a higher level, start reading more articles like these. Well written and complimentary on a lot of fronts.

NFL – Football or reality freak...

NFL – Football or reality freak show?

The picture above is literally what the NFL has come down to, a caricature, a joke. Folks, I have been a sports fan for 40 years now and I don’t know if I’ve EVER seen a more childish, juvenile, immature, and ignorant issue as this “deflate-gate” and in particular the surrounding circus it has created.  […]

Maturity in the NFL – Question ...

Maturity in the NFL – Question of the Day 7/29/15

With all the circus surrounding the NFL, New England, and Tom Brady, is this the most immature, unprofessional crap that you’ve ever seen in sports?

Deep Thoughts 7-29-15

Deep Thoughts 7-29-15

    Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. Although we are hip deep in baseball season, it is football that has grabbed the headlines this week. Roger Goodell and his legal folks finally decided that they were ready to tackle Tom Brady in court. While that is obviously not what was announced, […]

Class and Loyalty aren’t Dead Y...

Class and Loyalty aren’t Dead Yet in Sports

As the MLB trade deadline approaches, teams have shown some interest in Cleveland Indians utility man, Mike Aviles…The guy has played 2B, 3B, SS, and OF, and he plays well when he gets in there…But in a rare show of class and loyalty to a player and his family the Cleveland Indians have decided that […]

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