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Jaguar Jungle – Detroit Lion Ga...

Jaguar Jungle – Detroit Lion Game, Who will make the Team and I-phone picture problems

Hi there. Thanks for coming back to another edition of Jaguar Jungle. Tony Gerhart should be ready for week one. He is out with an abdominal strain. Hopefully he will be at 100% because it looks like he’s the third down back. I did take pictures of the cheerleaders at the autograph table with my […]

I See London I see France…

I See London I see France…

    I don’t think she’s wearing underpants!   Been a crappy, so I figured a bit of humor mixed with Eye Candy would help…    

Goodell vs. Brady – with the ju...

Goodell vs. Brady – with the judge as the ref

Well folks, we may be close to the end of our long national nightmare.  The egos involved in this will not allow for compromise, so both sides are rolling the dice and letting the judge announce a decision this week. I say good – let the judge handle it – and let both sides sweat […]

NFL Season Preview: NFC


The NFL could not have asked for a better finale in the NFC when the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks were the last two teams standing. In 2014 the NFC Championship game was a dream match-up with the ferocious defense of the Seahawks matching up against Aaron Rodgers and the mighty Packers offense. Instead, […]

Monday Moaning 8-31-15

Monday Moaning  8-31-15

Well, there are going to be some changes happening with the Cleveland Indians…After a week or so of Indians President/former GM, Mark Shapiro telling all of the media he wasn’t going anywhere…As I write this post, the final details are being hammered out that will see Shapiro leave, and take the role of President for […]

The worst team in MLB? Question of t...

The worst team in MLB?  Question of the Day – 8/31/15

I watched New York throttle Atlanta in three games outscoring them 38-11, and then there’s Miami, Philly, Oakland, and a few others.  Which is the worst team in MLB right about now in your opinion and why?



I’ve slowly been building toward a healthier lifestyle.  It took me a while to get going, but I’ve been exercising and working out, not eating entire bags of cheez doodles, and even took a fitness bootcamp.  Since January/February, I’ve turned it around, losing the 25 extra pounds I had packed on in the six months […]

Can the Philly Offense keep it rollin...

Can the Philly Offense keep it rolling?  Question of the Day – 8/30/15

The Eagle offense has scored 39, 40, and 36 points in the pre-season.  While we all know that the pre-season counts for nothing, can this offense work when the NFL gets for real?

Sunday Musings #214

Sunday Musings #214

SPORTS MEDIA Don Orsillo – You know your team is having a bad season when the biggest story of a given week is the announcement of an upcoming change in TV announcers. While the Red Sox are trying to hide from responsibility of any kind, the news that John Henry signed off on the NESN TV […]

Divisional Assessment — or Gues...

Divisional Assessment — or Guesswork

  So the all-important Week Three of the preseason is (almost) over. With next week looming as the usual bunch of tryouts to fill roster spots, we’re about as armed as we’re likely to be (barring further injuries). What can we expect in the divisions? Note please that the order is a ranking. A loose […]

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