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Deep Thoughts 10-7-15

Deep Thoughts 10-7-15

  Hello and welcome to another Wednesday of deep thoughts. This day is a very special Wednesday for me. For the first time in 10 years, the Houston Astros have won a playoff game. I have to say that going into the game against New York Tuesday night, I liked Houston’s chances. As disappointed as […]

Why aren’t we talking NFL here?...

Why aren’t we talking NFL here?  Question of the Day – 10/7/15

Let’s have a simple discussion here, why is it that we aren’t talking about NFL Football (on the field) like we have in the past?

Wild Cards, bad behavior, and CFB pre...

Wild Cards, bad behavior, and CFB preview

It has been an incredible week for me with a lot going on, so for the purposes of today I just want to touch on six subjects… Houston Astros (Keuchel 20-8, 2.48) @ New York Yankees (Tanaka, 12-7, 3.51), one game for the right to go to Kansas City. New York struggled late (3-7 in […]

Musings From The Hoodwood 10-6

Musings From The Hoodwood 10-6

Greetings from the Hoodwood, where minds are blown everyday…. Getting The Gate: How high expectations get coaches and managers canned. Back in April, the Nats were the sexy pick. Matt Williams was coming off a 96 win division champ season and a Manager of the Year title. Bryce Harper was the moody brooding young gun […]

Did the Detroit Lions get screwed ...

Did the Detroit Lions get screwed – AGAIN?  Question of the Day – 10/5/15

A questionable call ended the Detroit/Seattle game, where a Seattle defender pushed the football out the back of the endzone, which should have meant Detroit ball first and goal on the one.  If the roles were reversed and it was Seattle on offense, would the call have been different?

Jaguar Jungle – Jaguars versus ...

Jaguar Jungle – Jaguars versus Colts

Welcome back to another edition of Jaguar Jungle. We will discuss how a defense played great yet cost us the game, as well as Jason Meyers not helping the situation either. Out for Game: Marqise Lee, Brandon Linder, Sen’Derrick Marks, Denard Robinson, Julius Thomas. We let a 42 year old and a 40 year old beat […]

Green Bay @ San Francisco

Green Bay @ San Francisco

Considering this team isn’t anywhere near the glory days as shown above, this game wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.  Considering the last two games and the fact that Green Bay was coming in, perhaps the biggest shock to come out of Santa Clara yesterday was the fact that the San Francisco only lost […]

When Character and Integrity isn̵...

When Character and Integrity isn’t enough – the case of Joe Philbin

Character and integrity – the two words that I have heard over and over again associated with Joe Philbin, now FORMER Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins as of this morning.  Unfortunately I heard a few more adjectives about his ability to coach – mediocre and below average and stoic and dull.  But here is […]



Sometimes we’re faced with decisions to be made, from which return is impossible.  The circumstances don’t really matter – it’s what we do with them that does.  In a way, it turns out life is the collection of those choices.  Each and every day we make these choices that determine the outcome of the rest […]

10 Things: Week 5


#1. No Houdinis this week- unless maybe if you want to count the Illini (who survived some bad ref math) against the Bugeaters. So, instead, the Wiping the Glass Awards (rebound from the previous week) goes to the Pachyderms and Sparky. #2. Speaking along those veins, hey UGA, payback is a b*tch isn’t it? Especially […]

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