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Full moon fever coming at ya. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR Updates & Other Fast Stuff. This is try #2 after almost completing my blog. The time out issue needs to be addressed. Especially when you’re in blog writing mode. Don’t understand why they kick you out of a sight you’re signed into […]

American League Playoff Race – ...

American League Playoff Race – Question of the Day 8/2/15

As we head into August, this is where we stand with the American League: Division Leaders:  New York, Kansas City, Houston Wild Card:  Anaheim, Minnesota Do you see any other team crashing this party?

Who will be the four CFB programs sta...

Who will be the four CFB programs standing in January?  An early look

College Football is nothing if not predictable, the same programs year after year, interchangeable, but no real clear surprises.  We’re a month out from kickoffs and it’s way too early to prognosticate, but what we can infer is who might have some of the best chances to get to the final four in January based […]

CUSA 2015 picks

CUSA 2015 picks

CUSA East Western Kentucky- too hard not to pick Coach Brohm and QB Doughty Marshall Cato’s gone but Devon J isn’t. Herd still have some thunder. Florida Intl: Narduzzi’s D needs to remain stellar as Coach ron Turner will rely heavily on the rushing game and TE Jonnu Smith. Florida Atlantic:  Coach Partridge is a […]

WWE Hall of Famer past Away

WWE Hall of Famer past Away

  WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper died in his sleep Thursday at the age of 61. The cause of death was heart attack. One of the greatest “talkers” of-all time, his “Pipers Pit” was ground breaking. He was also one of the top heel in the business. He was also a key player […]

For whom the bagpipes play

For whom the bagpipes play

Because of the recent passing of wrestling icon rowdy Roddy Piper I’m delaying my planned blog. First a few details of my lifelong fascination with Wrasslin’. As a child growing up in the 60’s the face of wrestling was very different than what we know today. The 60’s were the Territory Age. Many wrestling groups […]

What was the best MLB Trade? Questio...

What was the best MLB Trade?  Question of the Day – 8/1/15

The MLB trade deadline has passed.  Which team benefitted the most? A) Toronto B) Houston C) New York Mets D) Other

From Buck’s Star to Starbucks&#...

YGS vin-baker-starbucks1

As I’ve said here before, I’m not typically an NBA fan. But a story came across one of my sports feeds this week that begged attention. It’s about former first round pick and NBA All-Star Vin Baker. The eighth overall pick of the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1993 draft, Baker was a big man and […]

What’s in a Good Re-Boot?

What’s in a Good Re-Boot?

  T rading is the oldest profession known in our world today, and if you think about it we barter at dealerships when purchasing a car until we receive a far price for the vehicle we would like to purchase. As kids growing up we would collect our baseball cards and gather around the neighborhood […]

Deflate Story – Some peripheral...

Deflate Story – Some peripheral questions and thoughts

Some additional/peripheral thoughts surrounding the issues of “deflate-gate”: Until this morning, I believed that New England wasn’t exactly clean in this whole matter, and I still do. But more and more, I can see where there is some kind of vendetta and possible conspiracy against New England. If you are an owner of a franchise […]

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